At Best Pet Sitters we {provide|offer|supply} {affordable|inexpensive|economical|budget-friendly|cost effective|budget friendly} “at your {home|house}’ pet care”
{which includes|that includes} all your {precious|valuable} pets. No {packing|packaging} {required|needed},
no {costly|expensive|pricey} kennel cough injections, no {change|modification} in {routine|regular},
no {unwanted|undesirable} {germs|bacteria}, no {worries|concerns}. We {come to|concern|pertain to} you.

We {also|likewise} administer insulin, {chronic|persistent} medication,
{first aid|emergency treatment} {assistance|support|help} and {walks|strolls} * if {required|needed}.

{Full|Complete} or {part time|part-time} {in-house|internal} pet care.

All pet care services are now

Low {service fees|service charge} for all your pets.
Best Pet Sitters Cape Town {provides|offers|supplies} ‘at your {home|house}’ pet care {which includes|that includes} all your pets at your {home|house}. No {packing|packaging}, no kennel cough, no {special|unique} vaccinations, no {change|modification} in {routine|regular}, no {worries|concerns} – you call, we {come to|concern|pertain to} you.

Safe, trustworthy and {accountable|responsible|liable} lock-up and go service.
Your pets {stay in|remain in} their own {home|house} {routine|regimen}, while we do the {travelling|taking a trip}.
Cuddles, play time, feeding & {walks|strolls} * with all our {personal|individual} {tailor-made|custom-made} pet care {assignments|projects|tasks}.

{FREE|TOTALLY FREE|COMPLIMENTARY} INTERVIEWS with our {local|regional} Pet Sitter {with no|without any} {obligations|responsibilities|commitments}.
We {provide|offer|supply} {PEACE of MIND|ASSURANCE|COMFORT}, while you take a break {away from|far from} your furry {family|household}.
All pet sitters are trained, {certified|accredited|licensed} and {accountable|responsible|liable} for their services and {conduct|carry out|perform} {in your home|in your house}.

We {have|have actually} {successfully|effectively} {completed|finished} {thousands of|countless} pet care {assignments|projects|tasks} for {many years|several years}. We are here to {stay|remain} by popular {demand|need}.
We do INSULIN and THYROID medication administration for {cats|felines} and {dogs|canines|pet dogs|pets}.
You can interview us {for FREE|free of charge|totally free}. {Reference|Recommendation|Referral} {available|offered|readily available}. No {obligations|responsibilities|commitments}.
100% {peace of mind|assurance|comfort} {money back|cash back|refund} {guarantee|assurance|warranty}. {Insured|Guaranteed} for public liability.
{Personal|Individual} pet care {assignments|projects|tasks} at {per day|each day|daily} rates.

14 {key|essential|crucial} {questions|concerns} to ask when {hiring|employing|working with} any pet sitting service:.

1. Does the pet sitter have {recent|current} {customer|client|consumer} {references|recommendations|referrals} {available|offered|readily available} and can you.
call the {clients|customers} now? YES.

2. How did you {find|discover} your pet sitter? By {referral|recommendation}, on the {internet|web} or {flyer|leaflet}– does.
the pet sitter have {a website|a site}? YES.

3. Has your pet sitter {completed|finished} any {formal|official} training on animal {behavior|habits} or {first|initially}.
{aid|help} classes? YES.
4. Is your pet sitter contactable 24/7 in case of {an emergency|an emergency situation}? Can you {find|discover}.
{assistance|support|help} if your pet sitter goes {missing|missing out on} or is not contactable? YES.
5. Does your pet sitter {provide|offer|supply} you with {a formal|an official} {agreement|contract|arrangement} and interview that is.
{CPA|Certified Public Accountant} {compliant|certified} and {specific|particular}? YES – 2 page {agreement|contract|arrangement} + 3 page {information|info|details}.
6. Does your pet sitter have public liability {insurance|insurance coverage} in case of {an accident|a mishap}, and.
with whom? {Insured|Guaranteed} by Outsurance.
7. Does your pet sitter have a back-up {buddy|friend|pal} if they are {unable|not able} to {care for|take care of|look after} your.
pets and they {require|need} {assistance|support|help} due to {personal|individual} {illness|disease|health problem} or {an accident|a mishap}? YES.
8. Is your pet sitter {accountable|responsible|liable} to {a professional|an expert} {licensed|certified} body? YES – PSI,.
PSSA and {Consumer|Customer} {Protection|Security|Defense} Act {compliant|certified}.
9. Is your pet sitter {endorsed|backed} by any {local|regional} {vets|veterinarians}, animal shelters or {a professional|an expert}.
organisation? YES Tygerberg Animal {Hospital|Medical Facility|Healthcare Facility|Health Center} and others.
10. Does your pet sitter have a social or {welfare|well-being} {responsibility|obligation|duty} in the.
{community|neighborhood}? YES, we support {many|numerous|lots of} shelters through {financial|monetary} and hands.
on {assistance|support|help} through our members and {sitters|caretakers}.
11. Do you {really|truly|actually} {know|understand} who your pet sitter is and where they live? YES, all our.
{sitters|caretakers} {comply with|adhere to|abide by} FICA requirements.
12. Does your pet sitter {undergo|go through} {Continuous|Constant} {Professional|Expert|Specialist} {Development|Advancement}.
( CPD) training? YES, 2-4 times {per year|annually|each year}.
13. Does your pet sitter have field experience and if so, {how long|for how long|the length of time} have they been.
active? YES, all pet sitters have field experience and {customer|client|consumer} {ratings|scores|rankings}.
14. Does your pet sitter have a 100% {guarantee|assurance|warranty} if you are {dissatisfied|disappointed} with.
the service? YES, we {guarantee|ensure} your {money back|cash back|refund} if you are {dissatisfied|disappointed}.

By asking your pet sitter these 14 {key|essential|crucial} {questions|concerns}, will empower you to make {an informed|a notified} {decision|choice}, and not {a price|a cost|a rate} {decision|choice}. {Cheap|Inexpensive|Low-cost} pet sitting services, {often|frequently|typically} {don’t|do not} have {adequate|sufficient|appropriate} internal structures in {place|location} when {an emergency|an emergency situation} {arises|occurs|develops|emerges} or the resources {required|needed} to {solve|resolve|fix} an emergency {situation|circumstance|scenario}.

{Most|Many|A lot of|The majority of} pets enjoy their own environment {best|finest} and {may|might} {dislike|do not like} the {changes|modifications} that {holidays|vacations} can bring if they are {sent|sent out} to {new|brand-new} {places|locations} or kennels *. Pets {may|might} {become|end up being} {stressed|stressed out}, and withdrawn when {away from|far from} their own {home|house}, and {sometimes|in some cases|often} the human, {just|simply} {needs|requires} to {get away|escape} without {having to|needing to} {entertain|captivate|amuse} or {manage|handle} your pets while on {vacation|getaway|holiday|trip}.

Some pets are more {suited|fit|matched} for boarding {homes|houses}, {especially|particularly|specifically} when pets are {prone|susceptible|vulnerable} to {continuous|constant} barking or {illness|disease|health problem} when owners are away for {extended|prolonged} {periods of time|time periods|amount of times} – we have {various|different|numerous} stay-in {options|choices|alternatives} to {overcome|conquer} this {challenge|difficulty|obstacle} {as well as|in addition to|along with} our {new|brand-new} @home service for {family|household} pets.

Our {certified|accredited|licensed}, {insured|guaranteed}, pet sitter {team|group} will {ensure|guarantee|make sure} consistency and your {usual|typical|normal} animal care and feeding {routine|regular} while you are away on {holiday|vacation} or {business|company|service|organisation}. All your {requests|demands} are {written|composed} and signed to {ensure|guarantee|make sure} {excellence|quality}.

All pet sitters are independent {trained|qualified|skilled|experienced} {business owners|entrepreneur|company owner} and {certified|accredited|licensed} for pet care {competency|proficiency} and {first aid|emergency treatment} through an International {accredited|certified|recognized} organisation. All pet sitters are {accountable|responsible|liable} to the organisation, with {strict|stringent|rigorous} {procedures|treatments} and {a code of conduct|a standard procedure} which they adhere too.

We {deliver|provide} 1, 2 or 3 {daily|everyday|day-to-day} {visits|gos to|check outs|sees} {as per|according to|based on} your {request|demand}, or {a personal|an individual} stay-over service to {take care of|look after} your indoor pets. We cater for {special|unique} {needs|requirements} and administering of medication too. We {care for|take care of|look after} your pets as if they were our own.

All pet sitters are independent {trained|qualified|skilled|experienced} {business owners|entrepreneur|company owner} and {certified|accredited|licensed} for pet care {competency|proficiency} and {first aid|emergency treatment} through an International {accredited|certified|recognized} organisation. Daily “pat and play time” and “head to tail” checks {are part of|belong to|become part of} our {daily|everyday|day-to-day} service. Walks are optional *.

We {include|consist of} in our pet care services the following: ALL DOMESTIC PETS, your {pool|swimming pool}, post, plants *, poop, {refuge|sanctuary|haven} bin {placing|putting|positioning} and {daily|everyday|day-to-day} {perimeter|boundary|border} {checks for|look for} {peace of mind|assurance|comfort}. Inside light and alarm management {included|consisted of} {for FREE|free of charge|totally free} if {required|needed}.

It is {proven|shown} that {homes|houses} with {certified|licensed|qualified} pet sitters are LESS {likely|most likely} to be burgled, as the {homes|houses} “{seem|appear}” {occupied|inhabited} and {attended to|taken care of|addressed}. {A simple|An easy|A basic} {task|job} like putting out the bin, {bringing in|generating} the post and {rotating|turning} lights while owners are away, {indicate|suggest|show} {a presence|an existence} of {people|individuals}, and are less {likely|most likely} to be {noted|kept in mind} as {unoccupied|vacant|empty}.

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